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Kairos CoMotion

Now is the time to:

Re-form the way we live together so as to more fully embody
              a radically expansive love of God
Network for solidarity, advocacy and action
Act-Up   on behalf of those who are silenced, excluded or dispossessed

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For more than 2 years we have been dealing with the Trial of Rev. Amy DeLong and its successful outcome. You can read more about it at LoveOnTrial.org.

Our current work is that of direct action
— Disclose(t) — Divest — Disrupt —

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We have been supported by our events at a very non-profit level.
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Planning Team
Rev. Amy DeLong, Executive Director
Rev. Janet Ellinger, Board Chairperson
Margaret Talcott, Treasurer
Board of Directors: Deborah Buffton, Rev.Tina Lang,
Brenda Smith White, Rev. Wesley White