Kairos CoMotion was begun in 2000 to bring contemporary theologians and conversation to Wisconsin United Methodists. We offered Events and Retreats in 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006.

As we were in the midst of evaluating our work and re-orienting to provide more proactive action regarding the major stumbling block in The United Methodist Church—discriminatory legislation toward LGBTQ members and the community at large, our Executive Director was charged with celebrating a  Holy Union between two women and being a “self-avowed practicing homosexual” (church speak for a discriminatory target).

The trial of Rev. Amy DeLong led Kairos CoMotion into work we called “Love on Trial”. Following a remarkable restorative justice result by the church trial court, we moved into continuing work as “Love Prevails” and its 3-D focus of Disrupt (business as usual), Divest (shifting resources from support of discrimination to investment in inclusion), and Disclose(t) (publicly speak and act to disavow UMC discrimination).

Reports and resources from Events, Trial, and Love Prevails are found under their respective Menu headings.

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Kairos CoMotion Board

Chairperson: Amy DeLong

Vice-Chair:   Will Green

Secretary:     Laura Ralston

Treasurer:     Wesley White

At Large:       Laci Lee Adams

Mary Anne Balmer

Deborah Buffton

Tina Lang

Mary Lou Taylor

Brenda Smith White