Kairos CoMotion Affirmations to Negative Spins

A distinctive and valuable gift of the Wesleyan traditions is the charge to hold together both “works of piety” and “works of mercy.” There are groups within the United Methodist Church who seek to limit that honorable tradition because it challenges their particular ideology. These groups do so by using media expertise and political acumen to re-frame and limit our Wesleyan traditions. These groups do not give their audience complete information, but only that information which leads to judgment in one particular direction; the text of their reporting is heavy on the use of terms with emotionally-charged negative connotation.

One of the ways they proceed is to report on events such as Kairos CoMotion through selective reporting, accusing Christians who bring the gift of inclusion to the whole church of “heresy” or “apostasy,” or complaining the event should have been different than it was. We value the Christian virtue of open dialogue and and will report here what is being said against Kairos CoMotion. We do so that our readers may know (1) who these groups are and what “they” are saying, and (2) may have more complete information for purposes of clarifying errors, omissions and intentional “spin.”

We welcome your comments on this process attempting to have one small place of bringing together what are often separate reports.

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