Day 11 – GC 2012

General Conference – Day 11 – May 4, 2012

Poster of the Day
As we come to the end of another General Conference we would do well to get back to a baptismal basic – Belovedness is not negotiable and can never be incompatible. This is not to say correction is not a necessary part of life. Just that such takes place within a blessing.

Reflections on the Day
This was a day of surprises. Our negotiations held and no further items regarding healthy sexuality were voted on. No larger hole was dug with mean language regarding transgender people or a reduction in our commitment to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.
An ill-conceived new structure that would have empowered one part of the church of the rest was declared unconstitutional and we are basically back to where we would have been had we simply proceeded along the track we were on. We will undoubtedly revisit this again in four years.
For a motley crew with a broken church and posters, Love Prevailed. Thank you for your support.