Day 6 – GC 1012

General Conference – Day 6 – April 29, 2012

Poster of the Day
Purported leadership is tested in the midst of choices large and small. The teaching function of the bishops has not been engaged around issues of human sexulity. The time has come for bishops to break ranks with some supposed value of unity. Unity for the sake of unity in the face of discrimination is institutional discrimination.

Celebration and Challenge of the Mission and Ministry of The United Methodist Church
Both celebration (support) and challenge (correction) of the United Methodist Church is in order. We have done harm that needs correcting; we have done good that needs celebrating. We have done theology out of fear that needs correcting; we have hospitable even when we told ourselves we wouldn’t and that needs celebrating. We have lived from the past forward and need to live even more from a vision of the future into the present.

Last night the Legislative Committees completed their work, some early and some very late. Now comes a time for various groups to strategize how to have committee decsions they approve be affirmed by the whole body and those decisions they disapprove of be defeated. Though tomorrow would seem to be a quiet day, it will be fraught with fright and plans for tactical maneuvering.

Reflections on the Day
Rev. Amy spoke twice today.
Lakewood United Methodist Sermon
Love Your Neighbor Rally
Rally Picture