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Kairos CoMotion Support

Bishop John Shelby Spong was the first Kairos CoMotion Speaker in 2002. Bishop Spong sends the following word of support for Rev. Amy:

Amy DeLong presents a challenge to her church to determine whether they will be faithful to the gospel or committed to their institutional well-being. If the purpose of the Christ, as John’s Gospel interprets that purpose–to be the agent of abundant life–is accurate then the decision must be made as to how abundant life can be given to all God’s people. Any action that diminishes any child of God cannot be the agent of abundant life. A church that sings “Just as I am without one plea, I come” must act that inclusiveness out or stop pretending to be the body of Christ. The stakes are high not for Amy, but for her church. We watch in hope that faithfulness to the Gospel will trump institutional fear.
               ~ John Shelby Spong, Episcopal Bishop of Newark, Ret.

Holly Near was the first Kairos CoMotion Musical Presenter and sends the following song as a word of encouragement to all – I Am Willing! You are invited to listen and spend time with the music to engage your own hope and be lifted up to the light of change.

Comments of Support

Here are comments people have sent in support of Rev. Amy during this trial process.
Since the UMC is still not a safe place for GLBT Christians and their allies only a first initial is given here, but Amy has received their full identity and message.


May you and this experience add to God’s progress in the way we treat each other and the way the UMC treats its committed members, especially clergy. And may a miracle happen and spare us this potential trial! ~D

Amy, Your cause is righteous, you are faithful, your ministry is fruitful, and your love is beautiful. You are a witness. ~D

This issue is the reason I left the United Methodist church and went to the Episcopalian church. ~J

I look forward to hearing of your future success in fighting their fear and hate with love and graciousness. Give ’em heaven, sister! ~N

I am so sorry. This is why I am no longer a United Methodist. ~L

Hate this – so stupid. I can only hope that we eventually grow up as a society and this is no longer an issue. ~M

Keep your friends in the loop as you journey through this darkness. One step at a time with God at your side. ~D

God bless you and your family! God is love not hate! Always love! ~J

I am sad and angry about all this. Please keep me informed about the process as it unfolds. And know that you will have a huge circle of love and support along the way. ~S

You are to be commended for your commitment to the UMC. I left the church over the inclusion of prohibitory language in the Discipline. You are one of God’s beloved. May the peace and love of God be manifest in your life. ~M

Consider solidarity vibes to be incoming as y’all take on this round of challenging the crap taco that is homophobia. ~S

As you trust and rely on God, others will not only see your witness, but come to believe through it in the liberating grace and peace found in Christ’s sacrifice and triumph for all humanity. ~L

Stay strong! I am convinced that we are on the side of Jesus in this struggle and so ultimately, we cannot lose. ~J

Stand strong, be of good courage, lead boldly like Jesus, and know that you are braving a dangerous path through which others will one day walk safely to freedom. ~T

To love and be loved is an amazing and beautiful gift from God. Blessings to you and your family. ~J

I made the difficult choice when I finished my MDiv to not pursue ordination because I did not want to constantly worry that someone would decide to make an issue of my personal life. I greatly admire the people like you who made the choice to stay and make a difference from within. ~C

Know that you don’t travel this road alone. Many of us are walking with you — sometimes silently and sometimes vocally — but always in love and commitment to find our way through the legalism to the love and grace that we know is ours in God. ~R

I’m a senior, a heterosexual Presbyterian woman who is saddened by your likely church trial. You look young enough that you may live to see not only the “rules” but people’s hearts change during your lifetime; I hope that is so. ~V>

All of GOD’s children are loved. ~S

Here we go again. ~J

Amy, We are praying for you and your ministry. Please keep us informed about how things are going. ~J

You are not alone. Even those of us who do not know you personally are in this with you. ~L

Amy, I have heard much of your prophetic ministry and bold actions from many mutual friends. Very disgusted by the UMC, yet proud that you are standing up in bold defiance. Please keep me informed of the trial process and strength and courage to you. ~J

You and your partner and those you have so lovingly ministered to will be in my prayers. I also will be praying for our UMC, that it will repent of its sin of exclusion and begin to emulate the love and care it expects of its pastors and its members. ~M

God is Love itself, beyond all boundaries we foolish and often fearful human beings can make. God, then, blesses and sustains love within us in all its relationships. Please rest, both of you, in the sure knowledge that God blesses YOU and your love. ~G

God keep you, Sister! Be love. ~J

Your courage is inspiring and your integrity is what we would hope for the future of the church. May you find comfort knowing you are on the right path. ~C&L

May Rev. Amy DeLong find openness in her servant journey, and may all who accompany her be filled with peace and joy. ~M

Amy: We have been thinking about you and Val and we are holding you in our prayers. We support you in many ways and want to help financially in any way we can. ~D&B

Amy (& Val), I’m praying for you and want to let you know I support your decision to officiate at a Holy Union between two people who love each other and want to be committed to each other. ~L

Between my home and your home, there are many miles. Between my heart & your hearts, there is no distance at all. Not only is my heart with you, my head &hands are as well. Grace & Peace for your journey and LOVE in the midst of all! ~M

Hoping that this process may help the United Methodist Church down the road to life-affirming positions and that you will have strength, wisdom, and lots of support as you face the path ahead. There are so many others that you are standing for. ~J

We cherish the gay partners in our family and applaud efforts everywhere to promote acceptance and tolerance in this and other human rights arenas. Thank you! ~R

Thank you for your courage. ~K&M

If all do not have full rights then none of us have full rights. If we ever need to choose between what Jesus would do and what the discipline requires — we must choose that which we know Jesus would do. Thank you for your courage and please know that you are in the hearts, thoughts and prayers of many people who you will never meet. God Bless. ~H

Pastor Amy, The Loyal Opposition changed my life and gave my partner and me the courage to be fully who we are in the church we have been a part of for 20 years. Thank you so much for sharing your courage. You and Val are in our prayers! ~K

Dear Amy, I am so sorry to hear this news. Please know that I think you are an amazing person, pastor, and friend. You and Val and all of us -both in and out- of the UMC are in my prayers. Keep fighting the good fight, and know that you have my love and support! ~M

Amy, Blessings on you & Val. We in Wisconsin are blessed by your courage in proclaiming the truth of who you are. As always, my prayers are with you and others in this struggle for recognition in the power of love that follows Christ’s example of love one another. All for all, not love for some. ~S

Amy, I am sorry this is happening in our Church and that it is happening to you. I know you are a good and faithful servant of Christ and of Christ’s Church. For me, you are one of the bright lights of hope for a church that can move forward in service and in love. Thank you for your commitment to our church and for the courage to make us look at who we have become. I am honored that our lives have intersected and I pray for you and for Val on a regular basis. May your love and commitment ever grow stronger. ~F

This kind of outrage has led me to consider the UCC as my last church home. Keep me in touch. My prayers with you and yours daily. ~R

Amy, Val, I will get more info about your situation, but for now I want you to know that I join 100% with those who stand with you and am sad to see the UMC digging its heels in and refusing to think. ~B

Hi Amy and Val, I was sorry to hear about this charade of a “trial.” Blessings to both of you as you continue to confront the system. You both have much to offer, individually and together, and it’s a blight on us as humans and as part of organized (and disorganized) religion, that you are denied full freedom to be yourselves. ~E

Amy and Val: God’s love ALWAYS triumphs. I know this from many personal experiences. Hang on to that no matter how ugly and painful it may appear. Hate always backfires; Love always wins. ~S

I greatly admire your witness and your faithfulness to what you believe God is calling you to be and do. My prayers will be with you through the trial process. ~P

Dear Rev. Amy (and Val), My prayers will be with you during this trying time. We don’t understand how anyone professing to follow Christ’s teachings can fail to recognize love – in whatever form it comes to us. ~V

I continue in support of Amy, her work and her willingness to confront/carefront the church’s unwillingness to embrace the fullness of her life and her work, so that we can all move into the more inclusive community we say we want but too often do not live out. ~C

Dear Amy, You have my friendship and support as you and Val face this tragic development. List me as one of your supporters and I’ll send a contribution to the fund in a month or so after my finances straighten out from a summer of family travel. Let me know what I can do. Your presentation to a group of us in Madison was very moving and hopeful. I weep for our Conference and national UMC in all of its avoidance and silliness on this issue. ~D

Would Jesus put Amy on trial because she is gay? Because she officiated at the marriage of two people who loved each other? I think it is time the United Methodist Church reflects on what their message of God is. ~H

It is a shame that the UM Church refuses to accept homosexuals into full Christian fellowship. It makes me ashamed of my church. Please tell Amy she is in my prayers and heart. I admire what she is doing immensely. Few people are willing to put themselves “on the line” for a cause as she is doing. There is no doubt in my mind that Christ accepts her completely. ~V

Prayers for strength and comfort for you and Val. And continued prayers for our church…to turn from its ways of exclusion and hatred. ~D

I thank you for trying to stay in the UMC and change it rather than leaving it. God be with you and give you strength and joy along the way! ~A

Amy–love and prayers. Your process will throw a big log on the fire of change. The church should be on trial for emotional torture and alienation of God’s beloved. I will follow your journey. ~S

I would love to receive information about how things are going and will be praying for you. I am an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and so disappointed in my church. Be encouraged! ~J

May you be surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses and celebrate that love rules. Always. ~L

As a fellow clergywoman, Amy, my heart breaks over this situation. I pray for you and Val, and for the enlightenment of the UMC to come to a new understanding of LOVE. ~M

My gratitude for Rev. Amy DeLong’s witness to God’s love for all humanity made equally in the divine image and to that love made manifest in the rich diversities of human life. ~R

Amy is one of my heroes. ~J

Former WI UMC clergy – just read about this fiasco. How sad. This is why I left the denomination – never to return. ~S

Please know so many of us are holding you in prayers…many, many of us. ~H

Love is stronger than hate; the light pierces through the darkness; one day Justice will win out. ~W

Just a word of encouragement: I pray that you continue to have the strength to fully live into who you are. ~S

Thanks for your courage and integrity!! You are kept in the light. ~J

I commend you for trusting God enough to enter into this crucible. May your faith be sustained. ~J

Love is all about everything and everything is all about love and you (both of you) get that and live it. For whatever it’s worth, my friend, you ARE great examples of the greatest commandment – both parts! My prayer is for order to plow through the chaos and bring more love your way. As UCC’ers say, “God is still speaking!” ~D

I pray that the UMC can see the error of its earthly laws, and allow Rev. DeLong to continue as a UMC pastor in good standing. ~J

My thoughts are for the future where our church leaders will really be the church leaders they think and should be – by loving, respecting, and embracing all Gods children regardless of color(race), economic class, or sexual orientation! ~B

Every act of resistance to injustice is important. Thank you for yours. ~D

We are praying for you and the movement of the Church in this issue. ~D

Not that you need my praise, but I want you both to know how proud I am of you both, for standing up to the church this way. ~E

Know that many, many people are praying for you personally, and for the church to right this wrong. ~S

God will continue to bless you and your love. My God find the way to bless the rest of us with the wisdom with which to see the wonder & beauty in all of God’s creation and to embrace each person for whom they are. ~D&J

I’ve just started seminary at United and one of my classmates told us about your current struggles with the UMC. My prayers, and those of many of our classmates are with you. Thank you for your courage, integrity and dignity. ~M

Be still my soul, the Lord is on your side:
Bear patiently your cross of grief or pain.
Leave to your God to order and provide.
In every change, faithfulness will remain:
Be still my soul, though Love is now on Trial,
Release the joy that Your dear Spirit brings. ~R

I want to thank you for being a positive part of my life and for fighting for what is right. I am truly sorry that you are having to defend yourselves and fight so hard for what is right! ~A

May God speak powerfully through you and bring lasting change. ~S

After 20 years of service to the UMC I returned my credentials and became a Unitarian minister, mostly so that I could have the freedom to support my GLBT friends. This trial is a sad commentary on the failure of love to overcome fear and narrow-mindedness in the UMC. I pray, May Love prevail. ~N

I send prayer-filled thoughts to Amy and the United Methodist Church. Jimmy Creech showed us more than ten years ago–the Church should not be using her resources for trials but should be following paths of inclusive, pluralistic, unconditional love as shown by Jesus. ~J

You are a prophet to the church. May your Light continue to shine in this darkness. ~P

Yes, it is sad that this website has to exist at all, Yet, with our church’s mantra of “open doors, open minds, and open hearts,” we MUST put “feet to the fire” to make those words REAL. And not just empty rhetoric. We must create our own burning bush of honesty, frankness, and reality. ~S

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. This, just as a High School in the Twin Cities will have to allow a young lesbian couple attend prom with one another, while a church with open hearts and minds and doors proceeds with its chargeable offenses ~A

I know that your love for God and each other will bring you the strength you will need to keep on moving the UM Church ahead to the 21st Century…and at that same time moving our hearts and souls and lives back to the time of Jesus’ life on earth where He spoke, lived, and died for ALL. ~D

It continues to amaze me (and not in a good way) how very judgmental a denomination can be, thinking that they can read God’s mind by picking out certain pieces of scripture and putting their twist on it. They too will be in my prayers. ~M

There will come a day when all of the church will actually embody love and justice, and the members of churches that have upheld hatred, and bigotry, and judgment will hang their heads and cry. ~C

Hang in there Amy. I am with you all the way. The UMC is wrong and you are right. ~J

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your courage in making the church enforce its unjust rules. I pray that God will provide each day with the food your spirit needs to stay strong and healthy in this time of suffering. ~H

Keep the faith and thank you for your courage, commitment, authenticity, and powerful testimony to love for all. ~D

My prayers are with you and all the people who love you as you share your love with others by challenging the oppressive policies of the 2008 United Methodist Book of Discipline. ~C

Your courage to call the issue and step forward is emboldening. ~W

Thank God it isn’t the denomination that validates love, truth and grace. Righteousness just is, not debatable. ~S

Your bravery in standing up and being a witness of conscience on behalf of all of us is appreciated. It is because of this that I am willing to stand up for others as well. ~P

The last time I attended annual conference in the Dakotas, they adopted a “marriage protection” resolution, falling in line with Dobson, and I resolved to leave.  Then I started the complicated and lengthy process of becoming a Unitarian minister.  My son-in-law is a full member of the Dakotas conference, but he is about to become a UCC or Presbyterian. The UMC has lost many many servants of God because of this fear-induced failure to love.  This past Sunday I got up at the time of “joys and concerns” and told them about Amy’s situation.  “This could have happened to me if I had not become a Unitarian.”  In fact, I performed a holy union for two women in 1986, before the prohibition was put into the Discipline.  I tried to leave the UMC without damaging them, saying nothing publicly, but now I regret that and I’m ready to tell my own story anywhere any time. ~N

Thank you for your bravery and integrity, hopefully your witness will bring justice and transformation to our church and its doctrine. This battle will eventually be won, truth and love will prevail, but I fear at some cost to you personally. You will be in my prayers. My son left the UMC because of its discriminatory policies/doctrines. He will be attending Harvard Divinity School next fall, and will probably eventually serve in the UU tradition. Many generations of our family have been in the UMC – it has been painful to watch his estrangement. ~G

I look forward to the day when that hateful phrase in the discipline is eliminated. I firmly believe that homosexuality is totally compatible with Christian teachings. ~C

Wanted you to know that the 500 members of Methodists in New Directions and the 630 people who receive our weekly newsletter are praying for you and rooting for you. ~D

Know that I am praying for you and thanking God for your loving witness to a denomination that we all love but that is caught in a web of unfaithfulness to God’s gospel of inclusive love and hospitality. ~L

Thanks for your courage and faithful witness! ~J