Day 8 – GC 2012

General Conference – Day 8 – May 1, 2012

Poster of the Day
It is unfortunate that we are not breaking new ground, violence is an old, old story. Physical violence, spiritual violence, emotional violence, and every other kind of violence is all interwoven. We are thankful for the witnesses who have gone before and are doing our best to be faithful witnesses in our day.

Reflections on the Day
The Love Prevails team took the lead in pushing at the boundaries of General Conference. We witnessed by walking around the bar of the conference with signs. No matter what legislation is before the body, it is weakened by the discriminatory legislation against GLBTIQ Christians. One might expect that a next step to be taken would be to limit baptism to those over 40 years old, most of whom will have revealed their sexual orientation until then (though not all). Here are some pictures from the witness.
Gays not disappeared
Stand Up for Children
Discrimination Kills